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General Classes:

Vertical Quilts

These quick quilts feature a stripe of fabric the length of the project between other strips that have been pieced or appliquéd. This vertical quilt design is terrific for using your favorite 6” blocks make of scraps, two-color, or whatever compliments the (border) fabric. This full day class is for students with rotary cutting and piecing experience. Border prints will be the most desired fabric for this process.

Supplies List (pdf)

blue and white quilt with stars

One Fabric Quilts (Nickols' process)

This is a very new process to make a queen quilt top using but one fabric. Students will be delighted designing fun quilts with a few magic cuts and arrangements. This top is made with one fabric which eliminates the frustration of matching a number of fabrics. A great quilt to have fun piecing and learn about design.

Supplies List (pdf)

cream and blue quilt

Curved Piecing Without Pins (Nickols' process)

This exciting new process will surprise quilters of all skill levels. There is but one fabric used to piece a whole top. The time honored Drunkard’s Path two-piece block is used to create numerous patterns. The curved pieces are sewn without using pins. The pieces are cut from wonderful wallpaper stripe design fabrics.

Supplies List (pdf)

pointsetta curved quilt

Applique Classes:

Hand Applique (needle turn, freezer paper)

Appliqué is the sewing of decorative cloth shapes onto background fabric. The handwork is very restful and can be taken anywhere to make good use of time and get beautiful results. There are many methods and in this class six ways will be demonstrated. The students will design their piece and begin stitching. Purchase quilt shop quality fabrics, closely woven 100% cotton. Batiks are good for showing depth and movement within a shape.

Supplies List (pdf)

pink posies with green stems

Machine Applique (fusing, freezer paper, raw edge)

Machine appliqué is a great new way to achieve the time honored look of hand appliqué but much quicker. The quilter uses a fusing and invisible thread to create dramatic results. This process is called raw-edge appliqué. Batiks are stimulating for designs as well as reproduction fabrics. Quilters will be able to design a small wall hanging in the class. Fine quality scraps may be used as well as fatt quarters.

Supplies List (pdf)

colorful flowers on black background with colorful border

Mixed Media (pieced and applique)

This type of wall hanging uses both appliqué and piecing. The quilt might have appliqué in the center and pieced borders as pictured. A pieced block center often has appliqué in the border. Both ways are delightful and a great way to have a satisfying creation. Bring a finished block either pieced or appliquéd and let the creating begin. This class is for quilters with appliqué and piecing experience.

Supplies List (pdf)

hummingbird sipping at peach flower with curly borders

Stained Glass Quilts

This type of wall hanging is a very striking piece of art. The students will enjoy the finished quilt in their home or as an appreciated gift. There is now a process where one cuts the pieces, places the pre-glued leading (black bias) on block and sews the backing, batt, and wall hanging at the same time. (YOU MAY SUPPLY OWN PATTERN WITH CORRECT YARDAGE)

Supplies List (pdf)

red rose in a blue background with black leading

Advanced Classes:

Miniature Quilts

Making a miniature quilt is very gratifying as you can usually cut, piece, quilt and bind a quilt in a day’s time. This process allows one to experiment with colors and fabrics and become a more accomplished quilter. It is a nice break from working on a larger quilt.

Supplies List (pdf)

red, white and black quilt

Seminole Piecing

Strip piecing takes on a new meaning when creating borders the way the Seminole Indians have for years. A wall hanging piece can be made in a day using a process that appears difficult but is easily constructed. This unique challenge is recommended to be tried by the more seasoned quilter.

Supplies List (pdf)

tile pattern in black and white


Forests, fields, seaside, mountains or your own backyard can be a landscape to create in fabric. Fabrics today are designed to give freedom to a quilters imagination. In this introductory design class one will learn how to best use these new fabrics using fusible web, and machine appliqué to enhance designs for a very realistic appearance.

Supplies List (pdf)

crane with sunset


Kay Nickols
9384 Lookout Pt
Laingsburg, MI 48848

Email: nickols7t@yahoo.com
Phone: (517) 899-0170